Heritage District Community Survey

Gilbert is looking for your input on the growth of the Heritage District. 
The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete and your responses will help guide future development decisions.
How often do you visit the Heritage District? 

What is the primary reason you visit the Heritage District? 

Which Heritage District amenities are most important to you as a visitor? 

How would you rate the parking availability in the Heritage District? 

How would you rate the availability of parking in the Heritage District compared to other downtown districts like Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, and Phoenix?

Would you support the Town of Gilbert investing in an additional parking structure in the Heritage District? 

Rate the ease of mobility within the Heritage District for each mode of transportation.





When it comes to getting around the Heritage District, which of the following would you like to see?

Surface Parking Lots

Parking Garages

On Street Parking

Bike Lanes

Bike Racks

Walking Paths

Signalized Cross Walks

Benches / Seating

Directional Signage

Please indicate any other items, not listed above, that you would like to see.

How easy it is to find the following attractions and amenities in the Heritage District?


Retail Shops


Entertainment Venues

Special Events

Professional Businesses

Which type of development would you like to see more of in the Heritage District?  

For the following types of special events, I would like to see:

Farmers Markets

Fairs / Carnivals

Food Trucks

Run / Walks

Events for Seniors

Events for Kids


Please specify an other types of special events you would like to see more or less of.

Please finish the following statement:

I ________ the Friday night food truck event.

If you visit the food trucks, how often do you patronize other Heritage District businesses?

Overall, how safe do you feel in the Heritage District at night?

As the Heritage District continues to develop, what one priority do you feel should receive the greatest attention from local leaders?

What one thing do you hope WON’T change or be different in the Heritage District 5-10 years from now? 

What one thing do you hope WILL change or be different in the Heritage District 5-10 years from now?

From time to time the Town of Gilbert communicates important information to residents. How would you best like to receive this type of information? 

Please select which of the following age categories you fall into.


Please enter your zip code.

Thank you for helping us by completing this survey!

Please share this survey with others!

If you wish to talk to someone at the about this survey, we encourage you to contact Scott Powell, Economic Development Administrator at 480-503.6755 during regular business hours.
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